What is the Flamenco Farruca?

The flamenco Farruca, thought to originate in Galicia, Spain, was traditionally danced by men with no singing component. Travelers to the Andalusian region were called farrucos, so this is likely where the Farruca palo name came from.

The Farruca is usually played in A minor, with a compás of two measures of 4/4 time signature with accents on beats 1, 3, 5, and 7 as seen here:

Flamenco Farruca compás with accents and a counting rhythm.
Farruca compás

Flamenco Farruca Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Farruca examples:

Sabicas – Farruca
Paco Peña – Farruca
Manolo Sanlucar – Mi Farruca
Carlos Montoya – Farruca
Sophocles Papas – Farruca (Played by Jonathan Richter)