Matteo Carcassi

Italian classical guitarist Matteo Carcassi (1792-1853) lived most of his life in Paris, and made a living as a touring concert guitarist. However, some believe Carcassi may have been overshadowed by his prolific contemporary guitar composer, Ferdinando Carulli.

Nevertheless, Carcassi did receive recognition in his lifetime, and his music prevailed as an extremely valuable and important asset to classical guitar pedagogy. As a result, his Op.59, Methode Complete – Divisee en trois parties (Complete Method. Divided in Three Parts) and Op.60, 25 Etudes Melodiques et Progressives (25 Melodic and Progressive Studies) are well-known resources still in wide circulation today.

Italian Classical Guitar composer Matteo Carcassi.
Matteo Carcassi

Carcassi’s Op.60, 25 Melodic and Progressive Studies is a set of etudes that blend technical exercises with romantic melodic themes. This collection of etudes is essential for guitarists moving from the beginner, to intermediate, and even advanced stages. Classical guitar students worldwide are familiar with this collection of etudes, each of which offers a mix of technical brilliance and beautiful melodic phrases.

Examples of Carcassi’s Op.60, 25 Melodic and Progressive Studies

You can hear several of my favorite Carcassi’s Op.60 etudes on my 2020 album 20 Classical Guitar Etudes for Beginner and Intermediate Students:

Etude No. 1, Op. 60: Allegro
Sheet Music: Etude No.1, Op. 60: Allegro

Etude No. 2, Op. 60: Moderato Expressivo

Jonathan Richter plays Matteo Carcassi’s Op.60 Etude No.2: Moderato Expressivo

Etude No. 6, Op. 60: Moderato

Etude No. 7, Op. 60: Allegro

You can get the full sheet music for Carcassi’s Op.60, 25 Melodic and Progressive Studies here.

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