What is the Flamenco Serranas?

Flamenco Serranas originated as a melodious Siguiriya style in the rural Ronda (Málaga) area, reached peak popularity in the mid-nineteenth century. The guitarist Silverio Franconetti (1831-1889) is said to have developed the Serrana form in his performance interpretations.

Serranas have a characteristic emphasis on melodic “third” intervals, whereas most flamenco melodies are only minor second or major second apart. They are sung more often than played as an instrumental solo piece.

True to its name (cante serranía), Serranas are powerful, long, and melodious, just like the mountain ranges. the distinctive Siguiriya compás from which it derives can be clearly felt throughout.

Flamenco Serranas Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Serranas examples:

Fosforito – Serrana
Niño Ricardo – Serrana
Miguel Vargas – Serranas