What is the Flamenco Seguiriyas?

Flamenco Seguiriyas, also spelled siguiriyas, siguerillas, or siguirillas, is a deep, expressive style evoking a tragic feeling similar to the Soleá. Slow, somber, and sentimental, the Siguiriyas compás follows the 12 beat cycle but with a different accent pattern than the Soleares as seen here:

Flamenco Seguiriyas Compás, accents, and count
Seguiriyas Compás

In standard notation, the Seguiriya is commonly represented with alternating bars of 3/4 and 6/8 time, allowing the player to strongly feel the 5-count as described above.

Flamenco Seguiriyas Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite exemplary Seguiriyas:

Seguiriyas by Paco Peña
Diego Del Gastor – Seguiriyas
Yerai Cortés – Seguiriyas
Moraito Chico – Seguiriyas
Sabicas – Seguiriyas
Tomatito and Camarón