What is the flamenco Taranta?

The flamenco Tarantas is a quintessential Toque libre, with very lofty, repetitive ligado phrases (hammer ons/pull offs). Tarrantas have a characteristic technique called arrastre, in which the right hand ring finger (a) drags from the high to the low strings in a quick successive manner (similar to an upstroke but a bit slower and disconnected).

Tarantas are commonly notated with no measure bar lines to indicate the free manner in which in should be played.

The flameno Tarantas originated in the province of Almería, in the eastern region of Andalusia. Tarantas are sung and played, but not danced.

Along with the toque libre and arrastre Tarantas characteristics, Tarantas are also played in the specific mode of F# Phyrgian, with a typical chord structure of B minor, A7, G major, F# major. Open treble strings over these chords is another unique Tarantas quality.

Flamenco Tarantas Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Tarantas examples:

Sabicas – Taranta
Paco de Lucia – Tarantas
Niño Ricardo – Tarranta