What is the Flamenco Malagueñas?

Flamenco Malagueñas are another toque libre fandango from the area of Málaga in 3/4 time. The Malagueña began as a relatively fast metric form in 6/8 time to accompany dance. In the 19th century, guitarists began slowing the tempo down and added more embellishments.

Eventually, guitarists like Ramón Montoya (1879-1949) began playing Malagueñas freely, while still incorporating the distinctive melodic phrases that gave rise to the form’s popularity.

Montoya integrated techniques such as arpeggios, scales, tremelo, falsetas, and alternative chord shapes to make the form suitable for a solo guitar performance. Malagueñas have two familiar repeating melody that you might recognize, so listen closely!

Flamenco Malaguaña Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Malagueña examples:

Paco de Lucía – Malagueña
Sabicas – Malagueña
Carlos Montoya (nephew of Ramón Montoya) – Malagueña
Pepe Romero – Malagueña