What is the Flamenco Guajiras?

The flamenco Guajiras is a toque based on a Cuban rural genre known as Punto Guajira Cubana.

Guajiras is in a major mode, with a characteristic descending melodic phrase in the bass from F# to F to E. The Guajiras follows a 12 beat compás similar to the Solea, with accents on beats 3, 6, 8, 10, and 12:

Flamenco Guajiras compás, Guajiras toque, rhythm and accents
Guajiras compás

Like the Buleria, the fast rhythmic cycle can give a hemiola effect, and is often notated in one measure of 6/8 followed by a measure of 3/4 time :

Flamenco Guajiras compás with hemiola effect
Guajiras compás

Flamenco Guajiras Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Guajiras examples:

Paco de Lucía – Guajiras de Lucía
Manolo Sanlucar – Guajira
Paco Peña – Ayer y Hoy (Guajiras)