What is the Flamenco Granadinas?

Granadinas, or Granaína is a variant of the Granada fandangos. Granaína is relatively slow, with a freeing rhythm (toque libre) and rich embellishments that convey both a dreamlike and flowing quality.

The Granaína is unique in that it’s in Phrygian mode based on the B note. If you’re lucky enough to have visited Granada, try to imagine the natural landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains while playing the mysterious, interpretive Granaína form.

Granadina/Granaína Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite exemplary Granaína performances:

Sabicas – Granadinas
Paco Peña – Granadinas
Paco de Lucía – Granaina
Juan Martín – Granadinas
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