What is the Flamenco Granadinas?

Granadinas, or Granaína is a variant of the Granada fandangos. Granaína is relatively slow, with a freeing rhythm (toque libre) and rich embellishments that convey both a dreamlike and flowing quality.

The Granaína is unique in that it’s in Phrygian mode based on the B note. If you’re lucky enough to have visited Granada, try to imagine the natural landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains while playing the mysterious, interpretive Granaína form.

One can also hear the Moorish influence in the Granaína melodic structure.

Granadina/Granaína Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite exemplary Granaína performances:

Sabicas – Granadinas
Paco Peña – Granadinas
Paco de Lucía – Granaina
Juan Martín – Granadinas