What is the Flamenco Colombianas?

The famous flamenco singer Pepe Marchena is said to have created the Colombiana (or Colombina) in 1931. The guitarist Ramon Montoya accompanied Marchena in recordings of the Colombiana the following year.

The lively, festive Colombianas has a fun rhythm with a strong Cuban influence.

Colombianas are in a major mode and follow a 4-beat compás similar to the Rumba:

Flamenco Colombianas Guitar Compás and accents

Flamenco Colombianas Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite Colombianas examples:

Manolo Sanlucar – Caolobianas de Bajo Guía
Paco Peña – Colombianas
Manolo Sanlucar – Azahares (Colombiana)
Pepe Marchena – Colombianas