What is the Flamenco Alegrías?

Alegrias (meaning joy) are a lively branch of Soleares (usually 100-180 BPM) that originated in Cadíz. Alegrias are in a major key (typically E major or A major), and are popular to perform with a dancer or as a solo. The sung verses (letras) are usually about sailors, which is appropriate as Cadíz is located on the coast.

The Alegría includes two sections for the dancer: the silencio, in which a minor key (usually the parallel minor) and slower tempo is introduced over six compáses or so; and the escobilla, which includes a virtuosic guitar solo and gradual increase in rhythm.

Flamenco Alegrías Examples and Links

Here are some of my favorite exemplary Alegrías:

La Romería by Paco Peña
Tomatito and Camarón
Sabicas Campiña Andaluza (Alegrías)
Paco Peña – Alegrías
Paco de Lucía plays Alegrías
Eva La Yerbabuena, bailer
Niño Ricardo and Niña de Los Pienes – Alegrías
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