Francisco Tárrega – Lágrima

Few upper beginner/intermediate classical guitar pieces are more popular than Francisco Tárrega‘s Lágrima (meaning tears).

The fragile A section in E major is full of emotion, requiring a delicate touch and sensitive approach. The bright A section is then juxtaposed with a remorseful, almost desperate B section in the parallel minor key (E minor).

Francisco Tarrega Lagrima composer
Francisco Tárrega

The fingerings and left hand positions in the score are based on my own experience and comfort with the piece. As with every notation I offer, efficiency of movement and melodic integrity are the primary considerations I take into account.

My arrangement also includes dotted slurs, which are optional slurs based on various editions and interpretations of the piece. This score also includes an optional open A bass note in parenthesis on measure 6, which you may hear in other performances (including my rendition below).

This score also features a glissando in measure 9, which is a slide from one pitch to another. In this case, finger 2 begins on the first string G natural (fret 3) and slides up the first string to C natural (fret 7). While also optional, slides like this are a characteristic feature in Tárrega’s music, and in music of the Romantic era in general. Furthermore, I recommend you incorporate the glissando because it sounds awesome!

Lágrima by Francisco Tárrega played by Jonathan Richter
Lágrima free score by Francisco Tárrega classical guitar notation.
Lágrima by Francisco Tárrega