Fernando Sor – Op.35 Etude No.1: Andante

Fernando Sor’s short etude Op.35, No.1: Andante is an excellent introduction to harmony, and playing two parts at once. Andante means you should play this piece at a moderately slow pace. This is one of Sor’s most well-known etudes. In fact, some people simply refer to this piece as “Sor Study in C Major”.

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Although the left hand finger positions aren’t particularly difficult, the challenge of this piece comes in holding the bass notes for the appropriate length of time, and maintaining a steady and clear tone with your melodic phrasing.

Spanish classical guitarist and composer Fernando Spr
Fernando Sor

This piece may seem a little plain if you just play it straight through with no feeling. So enjoy the freedom of experimenting with dynamics to bring Sor’s Andante to life!

Jonathan Richter plays Fernando Sor’s Etude No.1, Op.35: Andante
Fernando Sor Op.35, No.1: Andante free music