Sor, Op.35 Etude No.2: Andantino

Fernando Sor‘s Op.35 Etude No.2: Andantino is a lively, dance-like etude in C major, 3/8 time. The classical guitar etude is terrific for beginners still getting used to reading common patterns and chord progressions in first position. The harmonies in this etude keep the piece moving in a crisp and deliberate manner.

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Classical guitar composer Fernando Sor (1778-1839).
Fernando Sor (1778-1839)

What is 3/8 time?! Don’t worry, it’s similar to counting 3/4 time, only you’re counting three 8th notes per measure instead of quarter notes. As a result, the tempo will go much quicker.

There’s also a couple instances of 16th notes, which you’ll want to play lightly and count properly (in this case “1&” as opposed to “1e&a” like we’re used to seeing in a 4/4 time signature).

Jonathan Richter plays Fernando Sor’s Op.35 No.2: Andantino
Fernando Sor's Op.35 Etude no.2: Andantino classical guitar sheet music