Giuliani, Op.100 Etude No.1: Maestoso

Portrait of Classical Guitar Composer Mauro Giuliani

Mauro Giuliani’s Op.100 is comprised of 24 cadenzas, caprices, rondos, and preludes. These short etudes are lively and melodic. Full of intrigue, Giuliani’s Op.100 offers plenty of fun and challenging patterns for both hands, with a difficulty level that may suit beginners and advanced players alike.

Etude No.1 in C major simply has “Cadenze” or Cadenza in the subtitle, meaning that this short work might serve as a rhythmically free or improvised portion of a larger piece for virtuosic display.

The Italian term Maestoso found at the beginning of the piece indicates that the piece is meant to be played in a dignified, majestic fashion. Counting the eighth note rests among the sequential sixteenth note phrases may present the biggest challenge in this piece.

Jonathan Richter plays Mauro Giuliani’s Op.100, No.1: Maestoso
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