Fernando Sor – Op.31 Etude No.1 (Andante)

Fernando Sor‘s Op.31, Etude No. 1: Andante is a nice composition in C major that’s perfect for students at the beginner level. This piece is especially effective for those wishing to practice reading harmony (two or more notes played at the same time). You’ll also learn how to bring out a clear and definitive melody.

Download Fernando Sor’s Etude No.1, Op.31: Andante free PDF here!

The piece is in 3/4 time, and often features a dance-like pulse emphasizing beats one and three.

Spanish classical guitarist and composer Fernando Spr
Fernando Sor

While at first it appears this etude seems to only have two voices, we see a third voice appear in measure 7. This is indicated by a quarter rest preceding the two dotted half notes in the bass and treble voices.

You’ll also want to account for the pickup measure, and notice how that results in irregular rhythms in measure 16 (the first repeat) and in the final measure.

Fernando Sor Op. 31 – No.1 played by Jonathan Richter
Fernando Sor Op.31 Etude No.1: Andante - Free Classical Guitar Sheet Music.