Dionisio Aguado – Estudio in A minor

Estudio in A minor by Dionisio Aguado provides an excellent introduction to arpeggios. With a recurring right hand pattern of p-i-m-i, you’ll learn how to bring out a distinctive bass melody with the thumb while maintaining a steady accompaniment with the index and middle fingers.

Download the free PDF for Aguado’s Estudio in A Minor here!

Dionisio Aguado, classical guitarist and composer
Dionisio Aguado

Be aware of the note/string indication in measure 3. The circled number indicates the string number that should played.

For instance, the downbeat of measure 3 indicates you should play a B note with finger 2 on the left hand, on the 3rd string (G string).

Aguado’s Estudio in A Minor played by Jonathan Richter